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Okay... It was more then a year and I still cannot get through the whole thing in a sense that I could explain (neither for myself nor to anybody else) what has happened and why and what comes after without feeling too bad about it so that I can't finish the story. Well, anyway, in time I am after it, and still alive and spending my time with different stuff, and regularly thinking about the 'project' I was working on, and other projects I was planning to work out. Those things I'm not into any more, but I want to work out the reasons of it, that is a theoretical work, and in the same time I try to get rid of every work that is only theoretical and has no practical results, and only comprehensible for theoreticians.

Just to summarize it rashly: I had lot of different ideas about urban space, "project concepts" I would say. One of these, that was the bombsite gardening, we started to realize in the framework and with the help of the EASA006 (European Architect Student Assembly in 2006). We got a bombsite in the 8th district of Budapest, that is under social reconstruction (in a strange way, I couldn't tell if this social development is really for the local people or just partly for them, partly for gentrification, but the local authorities want to look like if they had tried to help just it didn't work that much with most of the people... For example if you try to communicate with local community but you don't even try to use their way of communication, just you bring there your one (that is to say institutional anyway cause you are an institution or a person representing an institution) and wait for an answer. And you're surprised when there's no answer or if there is, it's refusal.

Well, the answer we got was total refusal and it they made it understandable for the foreigners too, cause they (it was just one woman, though most of them liked us) were shouting 'Go away and if I see you again here I will put my knife in you!'. I was because we weren't careful and responsible enough. We were throwing balloons filled with paint on a firewall, the children enjoyed it very much but of course they got painty everywhere. And the paint was waterproof (we wanted the wall to stay colourful) and one could only clean himself with attenuative (some chemical whatever) that is dangerous for health if you have to use a lot and you breath it in.

It was partly my fault because I let the participants of my workshop to go their own way, they were working in groups, I wasn't paying attention on each of them and stopping them when I wasn't sure if everything will be okay.

This paint-balling event was the first thing which our workshop wanted to do in practice. So we didn't realise anything of our plans, and the people there, who trusted us, collected the rubbish with us, they didn't get anything from us, though most of them were enthusiastic... What a pity...

The bigger trauma for me was that I wasn't doing the workshop alone, I worked together with a friend, who is a land-architect. And who said afterwards that I am too radical and I shouldn't act this way with the participants (like suggesting things that are not usual enough, though they are not even illegal at all...) Since that we don't talk each other anymore, she went to work for a bank...

Ah, yes, the trauma itself: when the woman was shouting at us, there were at least like fifty people from EASA, the participants from our workshop and some other people who wanted to watch the event. 5-10 people were speaking Hungarian. No one of them answered, they mingled with the english-speaker crowd as if they wouldn't understand what the woman was shouting. I head to deal with the children, the woman, the other local people, and then with the police all by myself, and in the same time calling our contact (sunday afternoon) from the local government to prove that we have a permission to be there... It was horrible. And the reason behind it was the problem of responsibility.

And behind that probably the problem is alienation, modernity, project-mentality. A project has a start and an end, it's out of context, the continuity of projects has no connection with space and time, or if it has it not natural space and time but it's mixed up.

Well, that was the story of Óvis program. That was the end of it.

And that was the start of something else.

I won't delete this website, but I hope I will add things to it. I don't want to deny my past, because this is what lead to what I am now, and how I think about the same problems and see new problems hidden behind the symptoms with what NGOs and other movements trying to deal with.

My plan is to solve problems that are behind these symptoms. It's a hard work cause for that I (we) have to abolish every border, working time, states, markets, capitalism, exchange value, intellectualism (that is the superiority and closedness of knowledge), alienation, modernity, hierarchy, any kind of 'ism' and so on. So it will take a long time and it needs a horizontal cooperation with a lot of people.

I feel myself alone in this work, the Hungarian revolutionary subculture is either reformist (deals with the symptoms) and make a lot of compromises with companies and governmental institutions, either thinking in fractions and don't even talk with each other because they can't agree on some stupid details.

In the same time I don't have a place to live and I decided that I won't work just to reproduce my manpower and working time, so like if I would work for money just to pay a rent in order to have a calm place where I can have a rest between two working days. It's a hard decision cause I don't know what's gonna happen if I won't be able to reproduce not just my manpower but any kind of power that is necessary for revolutionary activities too... So I'm quite afraid, how am I gonna live through this period of my life and how can I deal with free-riding. (Free-riding is something like easy-riding but free is more difficult than easy...) I need a room/flat/house for free or for very-very little money, and have to get food for free. Clothes I can already get for free. There is a lot of leftover all around Europe: empty houses, non-sold food in supermarkets and restaurants, used objects like clothes and other things that are necessary for life.

Free-riding can be easier where it has been already organised a bit. Like in a place where there is already a Food Not Bombs collective, that goes to get leftover food and gives it away for homeless people and the punk subculture.

That's why I'm planning to move out from Hungary... I feel alone with my struggle, cause a lot of people left Hungary (cause they felt alone with their struggle...) and I was angry on them because of it, and now I'm doing the same so the next generation (that is just finishing secondary school nowadays) can be angry on me, cool.

Soon I will upload some text I am working on. About ReDistro, Do It Ourself concept, about the First Question Mark International and about the Bourdieuist Action Group.

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European Architect Students Assembly 2006 Bombsite parking plan

After 1,5 year dreaming and sleeping, Óv¡s realises that it is asked to hold a workshop this summer! Well, okay!, and what kind of?, lets build a park on a bombsite!

The place: Dankó street 18. in the Magdalena quarter (where a social rehabilitation program as model test is going on now, financing by the city, the government and EU, led by Rév8 - Rehabilitation and City Development Corporation of the VIII. district).

Starts in the 23th of July, 2006
Finishing the first period: 5th of August, 2006

Organisers: EASA (European Architect Student Assembly), Detti and me.

During the workshop we will work together with about 20 architect and landscape-arhictect student. The first part of the work will be the planning with the help of the inhabitants, specially with those who live in that house looks at that bombsite. The longest second part will be the physical work, we will build everything we can in time and have the tools and materials.

You can download the description of the workshop here.